PocketEngine is a PC Engine software emulator written for PocketPC WinCE devices. The NEC's PC Engine (also known as TurboGrafx-16) was released in Japan around 1988 and soon became very popular because it was the first 16BIT home game console to hit the market.
Technical specifications for PC Engine were more advanced respect to its competitors of that time (mainly the Nintendo 8BIT): 16BIT graphics, 6 channels sound, 512 colors palette and more.
PocketEngine emulates the PC Engine almost completely. It supports sound, virtual joystick, frameskip, normal and landscape display mode and runs at full speed.

The emulator is written in Visual C++ using the GAPI library from Microsoft. The only supported device, at the moment, is the Compaq iPAQ.


  16/02/2001: Version 1.0b1 for iPAQ has been released: enjoy!.

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