If you want to contact the author, send an email to Domenico Dato
Please, consider i cannot reply to any single email i receive, but suggestions,criticism and bug-reports are welcome.
Any email asking for roms will go directly to /dev/null.


Marconelly LABS! - Thanks to Marconelly for designing and coding HTML pages! 
Bero - PocketEngine is ported from original source code by Bero. 
Prophet - For hosting PocketEngine on Retrogames. 
Zeo - For suggestions on sound/palette emulation. 


PocketEngine is free software and is copyright (c)2001 by Domenico Dato. 
The emulator may not be sold: you can spread it only in its unmodified form and at no costs. 
The author is not responsible for any damages this software may cause: use it at YOUR OWN RISK

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